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VektorGlobalBirdWatchersClock (VGBWC) - Genesis . . .

Early man was a bird watcher, either for a source of food itself or . . . following birds to determine where food might be . . .

To the same degree, early man seemed to understand that there was a relationship between night and day, moon up, moon down and seasonal considerations to bird watching based on migration patterns observed over the years.

Today, as then and is now, we have the relationship of fish, game and birds to the 24 hour, fifty minute earth tide phenomena to follow bird movement with precision.

VektorGlobalBirdWatchersClock(TM) is based on this eons-old continuum . . . using exacting NOAA EarthTide data to pinpoint when fish, game and bird movement will be affected by these awesome but totally invisible forces.

Vektor Forecasts dating back to 1973 are known for their pin-point accuracy.

GLOBAL BIRD WATCHER CLOCK CHART FOR: Thursday 17th of January 2019

Optimum periods tend to last 45 minutes on either side of a peak


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